Inhabit Colorado is the fruit of a conversation between a therapist and a patient in a local Denver hospital.  Years ago Renee was working as an inpatient therapist, and as she was discharging her patient she began to ask questions about her patient’s home environment.  As they worked through a home safety checklist, the patient remarked that she and her husband decided that they wanted to stay in their home as they age instead of going to a facility.  The woman went on to say that it took them over 5 years to renovate their home in a way that was accessible but also still beautiful because they struggled to find professionals with expertise in both areas.  Renee left the room that day and mused about the possibility of starting such a business.  She spoke with Erin shortly after about the possibility of partnering together to help people stay in their homes no matter what challenges life and aging bring.  After years of discussing, planning, acquiring special certifications, and dreaming, Inhabit Colorado was born.

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erin anglin

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Erin started out in interior design and quickly realized it didn't quite fulfill her passion for creating and manipulating spaces that transform people's interactions, relationships and ultimately, quality of life.  After completing her Bachelor of Interior Design, she moved to Colorado to earn her Master of Architecture.  She worked in commercial architecture for 5 years, in large assembly and mixed-use spaces before stepping into the residential market.  As a residential architect and designer, she loves the intimacy of getting into her clients' lives and producing innovative solutions to enhance their daily functions in their homes.  Erin is a Registered Architect and completed CAPS (Certified Age-in-Place Specialist) in 2017.  She is married to Adam and has two silly kids, Everett and Maya.

renee morlan

Renee began her career as an occupational therapist in 1997.  She has had a diverse career in 3 states.  She has worked as a therapist in a variety of settings: inpatient, outpatient, hand therapy, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, pediatric, ICU, and home health.  She has spent 20 years helping patients regain their potential functional status while adapting and modifying their environment for maximum accessibility.  Renee loves thinking adaptively and functionally as it relates to one's physical capabilities in their home.  Her greatest joy is to see people maximally function and thrive despite physical challenges.  She acquired CAPS (Certified Age in Place Specialist) in 2017. Renee has 3 boys and a sweet husband who keep her on her toes.