Are your services only for seniors or people getting older?
Absolutely not.  Our hope is to help everyone thrive in their home environments.  Many life circumstances create a scenario where one experiences barriers to thriving in their home.  Whether you have a child with a disability, a unexpected midlife car accident, or a veteran returning from combat, we want to help everyone thrive in their home.  

How much will it cost?
All of our services begin with a 300 point home safety assessment conducted jointly by an occupational therapist and an architect, which is $400.  The price of further services will vary depending on the size and scale of the modifications needed.  

How long will the home safety assessment take?
1 1/2-2 hours depending on the size of your home.  

Do you bill insurance for your services?
No.  Currently we do not bill insurance for our services.  We are exploring some second party payment options for the future.  

Can I take the results of the home safety assessment and give it to my people?
Absolutely.  We will come to your home and conduct a 300 point home safety assessment. Then we'll provide you with a summary, a list of immediate priority modifications, a secondary list of recommended modifications, and a detailed list of product recommendations.  You can then give the recommendations to anyone you like.

Do I need to find someone to install the products?
No.  We are trained to install all home modification products and will complete the installation in timely manner.

What if I need only a few minor modifications?
No project is too small or too large.  From installing a few grab bars to a complete main floor remodel, we want to help make your home work for you.  

Do you both participate in all home safety assessments? 
Yes, Erin and Renee will both conduct all initial home safety assessments.  It is important that we have a functional perspective as well as an architectural/aesthetic perspective for all our clients.